We Do

Eliminate Risks

Risk refers to a situation involving an exposure to a potential loss. In investments risk is identified as an event or attitude that can result in restricted growth, stagnant capital or erosion of value, which leads to a deviation between actual and expected returns.

Major Types of Risks Description Neutralizing strategy
Economic The macroeconomic scenario where a major global event leads to market meltdowns eroding large amount of investor wealth. Disciplined spacing out of the investments to 5 years or more period
Inflation A general increase in price, which reduces the purchasing value of money. Investing into instruments that consistently provide returns higher than inflation
Market Value Particular sectors or industries becoming out of favour with investors leading to a stampede Spreading investments across several sectors
Being Conservative Looking for only guaranteed results Research backed investments using scientific methodology

Plan Investments

Investment planning is no mystery (if you have decoded it). All that is required is a little bit of understanding and a lot of research. We have applied both to develop our investment advisory. The modern and scientific methodology has been handcrafted not only to challenge all existing forms of investing techniques but also provide returns that are better than the rest.

We work very closely with our clients to understand their goals and requirements and suggest how they can use our plans. Taking full advantages of the benefits provided by MFs, we have developed a variety of investment plans that ensure fantastic results.

For over 7 years, this system has been developed and refined, which reduces the risk of incurring a loss to 0% (historic data proves that very easily). The system has been developed to ensure that selection of funds are such that during bull runs the returns are higher than the broader market and during bear runs the losses are lower. In the long run, this results in the investments outperforming the market by a handsome margin.

You know how much money you have,
But do you know how much time you have to celebrate each moment?

Offer Commitment

We have commitment, through quality of our research, its precision and accuracy, to identify the right set of funds to invest in. Along with that we have commitment to make our plans work, by making your money work for you. We research to identify best investment opportunities, adapt to achieve targeted plans, stay ahead of the market and provide vital information to our clients.

As a result of our efforts, we offer to our clients Safety, Income and Growth.

  • Integrity Our advice to our clients is same as it would have been for our own money. Our advice is unbiased and judicious.

  • Safety Though most high-return options are risky; diversification along with time span of investments reduces the risk. To add to that, our investment advice further reduces the risk to almost 0%.

  • Growth Growth is attained by a twin approach. First, Funds are scientifically selected so that the returns are better than the broader market. Second, Invested funds are monitored to redeem and re-invest that underperform the market.

  • Income Regular income is achieved by redeeming a part from the growth of investment.